New Podcast Episode 107: Social Proof

How to use the persuasive power of crowds

Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

I’m so excited to introduce the Choice Hacking podcast, a weekly show dedicated to exploring the ways behavioral science and psychology intersect with experience design, marketing, startups, and more.

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In any customer experience, we ask people to make a lot of choices. Often these decisions are low risk, like what color to choose or how much memory your new phone needs. For options that don’t carry too much risk, it’s easy to nudge customers to make a choice. A simple tactic like prompting with a default (“Is a large meal ok?”) provides a significant impact. But what about choices that are a little riskier? When asked to make novel or high stakes decisions, like buying a new car, customers feel anxious and unsure. Choices like these call for a strong persuasion tactic.

How can you ease someone’s mind and give them permission to try something new? The answer lies in a psychological principle known as Social Proof.

Join me today as we examine Social Proof — and how it guides customer behavior, emotions, memories, and choice.


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