How to conquer your inner critic and get 10x more creative work done

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Steven Pressfield getting the Super Soul Sunday stamp of approval.

When you set aside a passion — even temporarily — it can be incredibly hard to get back in the groove. Now that I’m back to writing on a regular basis, I’ve found it’s more of a battlefield than I remember. A friend, after listening to me bellyache, recommended that I read Stephen Pressfield’s “The War of Art”.

And let me tell you, I loved it.

It’s not an easy book to read, because it does hit close to home. Pressfield’s book is a guide for anyone looking to overcome Resistance in all its forms — avoidance, perfectionism, even plain old procrastination. What is Resistance, you ask? Pressfield describes it this way:

“My writing philosophy is a kind of warrior code — internal rather than external — in which the enemy is identified as those forms of self-sabotage that I call ‘Resistance’ with a capital R.”

My 3 Takeaways

“The War of Art” is a book that lends itself to multiple readings. But after first reading, here are some important concepts that stood out to me:

  1. The Unlived Life will eat you from the inside. Resistance, the force that prevents you from experiencing your Unlived Life, is nothing less than evil. If you don’t conquer Resistance it will “cripple and disfigure” your life by causing fear, depression, and non-stop stress.

You can buy “The War of Art” on Amazon by clicking here.


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